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Okay, I'm sorry for another speaker thread, but I am in a quandry about what speaker road to go down.
Here is what I have: Mesa 5:50 head or a Lonestar Classic and a Mesa 2x12 vertical slant cab loaded with a couple of Mojotone speakers. (a Black Beauty and their BV30, both rated at 50 watts). I play Teles exclusively, and use a Timmy and an AM-modded TS9. I use the clean channel pushed with the Timmy and hit that with the TS9 for more gain. I occasionally use the second channel of the amp for a little higher gain. I play classic rock in the vein of early Springsteen, Mellencamp, Petty, Stones, etc.—low to medium gain stuff.
I want to replace the speakers, but I have a limited budget, (sub $200 or so), and I want to stay away from heavy magnets for portability.
I need to get a little more clarity without being boomy. (I'm also not a fan of Vintage 30s).
Any suggestions?


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I'm curious how much a Fane would be in the US. E.g. the 150C is pretty clear and not boomy at all. Responds nicely to distortion in a sweet yet kind of aggressive way.


I stumbled across a great combination in my vertical Mesa 2x12: a fane medusa 100 in the bottom ($62 used) and an Eminence Red Fang on top ($120 used). Those are rare, bargain prices, but if you can score something similar it might suit your needs.

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