Speaker I.D. ?


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Yes, it's a '72 Eminence alnico which have a nice size magnet and the ones I've heard sounded real good.


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Thank you very much. I missed that on the Weber page. Just played them today using my '58 Super. Pretty cool. As you know the Super has 2 x 10's, unplugging them and using just the 2 x 12's was great because of the added bass response that the 2 x 10's don't have. Then I added a 1 x 12 cab I have with one big ol' square magnet CTS and that made a nice addition to the highs.

Just crispy clean and a bit of breakup. Not as much breakup as the Super's 2 x 10's tho'. Guess I'll have to try my 1978 Marshall Master 50 and then the V-4 thru them.

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