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Speaker level to line level???


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I have a driftwood loadbox, and to me it is by far the best sounding loadbox on the planet, absolutely incredible. However, I have one of the older ones, that does not have a pad switch on it. It has 1 input ( for the amp to the loadbox) and 1 output, that’s it. The output is a parallel speaker out . I’ve asked driftwood about the best way to operate it, and they told me Just using a regular di box with a pad switch from the driftwood parallel output to the input of my interface would suffice. However, I’ve tried An in-line pad with -20 db of attenuation, and while it works, it will pop and explode in volume for a split second every once in awhile if my amp is turned up too much. Ironically, it does this when it’s not even close to over driving my interface/preamps. And I mean like, 9 o’clock on the master volume of my amps, MAYBE. This won’t work, because that’s a good way to blow my monitors real fast. I’ve considered buying an in-line pad with more attenuation, but im gonna hold off on that for now, considering my -20 db pad didn’t work completely

so now im trying to figure out the next best option. The di box might work, however I have a fantastic di/reamp box, the little labs red eye, and it has no pad feature that I can tell, so it doesn’t work for my needs here either. And going from a di box into another di box ( my little labs red eye) seems extremely unorthodox.

So what’s the next option? What kind of gear would be my best bet for this? I’ve read about the suhr line iso box, and honestly it looks to be exactly what I need. But at 200 bucks, man. There’s gotta be a better option than this. Anyone have any ideas? Speaker level to line level is what I need here I think. Thank you!


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