Speaker mixing in a Twin Reverb


Hey all.
So I recently bought a silver face twin. Needs a bit of work, but was too cheap to pass up.
Anyway, I'm looking to upgrade the original speakers that are still in there.
I have a Jensen C12k laying around, and also a Cannabis Rex.
Does anyone have any experience mixing and matching with these speakers together?
Or should I use one and add another?
I'm currently thinking of either going with 2 C12ks. Or mixing the CRex with a RW&B or Texas Heat

I'm looking for a great solid clean that I can dress up with pedals. I'm looking for a tone similar to The National, Explosions in The Sky, etc.
Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks :)


Those speakers probably not gonna many who've pair them up. But you got them, just so long as you meet the amps 4ohm requirement its worth trying. CRex will be about 2db louder than Jensen overall but Jensen probably have a edge in apparent brightness. More I think about it might make a good pairing, each filling in the others weaknesses tonally, only way to know is to try. I say have at it.


I typed a response Saturday but didn't hit the post button for some reason. Phone rang or whatever.
Anyway pretty much what Dave said. You got them, try them.

Also you say it needs work. What kind of work? In my experience if it needs the normal service work like an amp that age does, do that first, then start with speakers.


I think the C12K's in tandem will be too clean for a Twin. Not necessarily a "bright" clean, but sterile. The Crex is nasty, so maybe one of each if you must. I'd like to hear a twin with 2 RWB's in it. Seems they would tame the spike just enough without losing the clean entirely, but not sure of course.

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