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Speaker opinions


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buying a 2x12 cab, probably an Avatar. Given it's impossible to a/b speakers, anyone have the opportunity to hear the alnico blues vs the standard celestions, like a vintage 30 or even a scumback? I play primarily LP thought Marshall Jubliee, classic rock and blues. No metal or country. Any thoughts if the blues are worth the difference. Should I get two, mix em up?


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I have Alnico blues in my AC30 and Scumbacks in another cab and I've used a Metro with it. I was more than happy with the Scumbacks, and even though I no longer have the Metro, the Scumbacks aren't going anywhere. I'm currently pushing them with a Red Iron Mil Spec. I think I'd prefer them over the Blues and definately over the vintage 30s, which I'm not a big fan of personally. Of course, YMMV. The H75/M75 Scumback combo is killer.


If I were in your shoes I'd go with a whitebox cab with celestion vintage 30's.

I dunno if you've heard of whitebox cabs-theyre a new company run by Doug (cool guy-part owner of Jet City amps)

Whitebox cabs are built soooo well and the clips are unbelievable. Right now he offers a lot of eminences and a select few celestions (dont think he offers blues yet) It's a brand new company but its all USA made and of the highest quality. seriously, check em out man.....

nothing against avatar at all, trust me. I've heard reviews and clips and whitebox cabs seem to be a smidge higher quality than the avatar contemporary cabs....................and whitebox prices are extremely reasonable.

just an opinion

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