Speaker options in a 4x12 cab


Got a Boogie Traditional with the V30s. I'm looking for a more balanced/transparent tone with no extra weight (like the EVM12Ls). We all know how the V30 sound so... what are my options?

I like punchy tone on both clean and distorted sounds with great bottom end with a balance between "in your face" and "full all around", BUT balanced with no any frequency peak and maybe tiny bit of breakup (I know the EVM12Ls will never break up).
Classic Lead 80? Black Shadows C90?

Also wanted to ask: will pairing a EVM12L with a lower wattage speaker (like a G12H-30 or Classic Lead) result in an volume unballance? The EVM12L is 300W vs 30W of the G12H or the Classic Lead 80. Is there a proven theory on this issue?


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Regarding the balance or lack thereof:
It's the response of the speaker that may exibit the unbalance (if it exists) and not the wattage.

If you mount them in an X pattern then you'll minimize or possibly eliminate any perceived differnce in volume, sound or response.

In your example, the overall safe wattage is going to be rated at 2x the lowest speaker rating (cause you have 2 of them) so, it would be a 60 watt cab.

You may want to ask your character question directly to a speaker dealer or manufacturer.

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