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Speaker Recommendation for a 1974x circuit (That aren't Greenbacks)


I'm looking specifically for high sensitivity speakers (~100 dB) that work well with a 1974x circuit. I would like them to be able to handle at least 50 watts each because I occasionally run a buddies 50 watt Recto through the same cab for outdoor gigs.

FWIW, my cab currently has a Celestion Gold and WGS Reaper HP. I'm thinking about taking the Gold out to use with other amps in a 1x12 and replacing it with something else - maybe a V30 or Veteran 30? I love the Gold, but I am finding it to be a bit on the floppy side under gain, and a little bright.

Ideally I'd like to use a Greenback style speaker with the amp, but I don't want to use low efficiency speakers. My 18 watter sounds incredible, but I worry that 97 dB speakers wouldn't be able to keep up with my rabid drummer at un-miced shows. Does anyone make a 100 dB Greenback?

Open to any suggestions


I have a 2x12 cab with the Reaper HP and an Eminence GB128 which is a 50 watt (101.2db eminence specs) greenback clone. Sounds really nice with my JCM2000 DSL100, especially on the classic crunch channel which is very plexi sounding
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Lorantz speakers from Australia are very greenbacky, but they come in 30, 50, and 75 watts. I use a pair of 75 watt ones that sound awesome, however their efficiency is 97dB but I have no problem with that as the extra headroom lets me crank them way louder than I will ever need. Plus the amp souds better cranked anyway. They will ship them. Check them out here
or on youtube.

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