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Speaker recommendations for a low wattage amp?


I have a low wattage amp (Allen Class Act) and am looking for complimentary speaker options. As I've seen in plenty of other threads, I purchased the amp seeking good driven tube tones at household volumes.
I'm still learning here and thought the tube changing capability of this amp would allow me to experiment and learn first hand about the tone differences that many here seem to already know. I have a open backed 1-12 cabinet I plan to use and I appreciate any suggestions you feel fit what I'm looking for.



Celestion Greenback. G12M25. I've gone back and forth between this speaker and a well broken-in Celestion Blue, and find the Greenback to be softer, more muted, but just as nice in a different way. The Blue is quicker, sharper, more articulate, and beautiful, but I prefer the less efficient, softer response of the Greenback for low volume playing. The GB is more relaxed than the Blue, which helps at low to medium volumes.


The Weber 12A125 might be worth looking into for "vintage" vibes - great speaker. If you're looking for bedroom volumes, it's also not terribly loud.