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Hi all,

I am building a hybrid rig, and really want a DI that has speaker emulation. My setup will involve a tube preamp and a Matrix GT1000fx running into a Telonics TSNEO12 loaded 1x12. It is my "middleweight" rig, and sits in between my Quilter Tone Block and Boogie MK1 RI on the amp spectrum. I will mainly be using it for small/medium clubs and outdoor venues.

I need a decent DI with speaker emulation, so as not to depend on mics. I love the DI on the Tone Block, and honestly, a good DI will be the deciding factor for this new rig. If I cannot find a decent stand alone DI with speaker sims, I will most likely scrap the hybrid rig idea and just stick to my other 2 amps.

The DI will also have to sit in the empty space in back of my rack. I do not want more than a 4RU rack, preferably 3RU. The preamps I am considering are all 2RU, and the Matrix is 1RU. If the setup grows too big, I'll never use it. SO, portability is a factor. I don't want anything to take up any additional rack space.

Also, a big bonus would be a headphone out for silent practice, but that feature isn't a make or break.

Usually, I will be running a guitar cab on stage and the DI will supplement the stage volume, not replace it.

So far I am considering:

H&K Redbox
Radial JDX
Mesa Cabclone
Two Notes CAB

I do not need a ton of cab sims. I will basically be using the cab sim to try to match my stage sound, which is my take on a big, loud,clean Twin Reverb. As a result, I am mostly considing options that can make an IR of the cab I am using (such as the Radial JDX).

Please let me know your suggestions and experiences!



Two Notes Torpedo CAB (or LIVE if you want 1U), tube power amp sims (very important for you with a tube preamp!), real-time adjustable cab sims, MIDI, software editor, includes IR capture and mix software, and their DAW plugin included I believe?

All the rest are basic analog filters which are extremely limited in scope and sonic accuracy to any mic'd cab. The T_CAB is the only one that is convolution based, so it's the only one that can use a custom IR of your rig.

That said, if you'd prefer one cheaper less-accurate generic sound then any of the others listed might get you there, though you'll need to try them with your rig to know.
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Two Notes CAB, AMT Electronics CP-100 Pangaea, or the Lodigy EPSi. None have an XLR out, so you'll need a cable adapter to go from 1/4", or use a basic DI.


Since you're using a solid state power amp, I'd strongly recommend the T_CAB as it's the only solution with high quality tube power amp sims (excepting the more expensive Amplifire or a computer etc).

Tube power amps are an important part of tube amp tone.


One thing to note about the torpedo cab: it had a balanced 1/4 output. That means you don't have an XLR out like a standard DI, however if you just use a TRS to XLR cable adapter it will accomplish the exact same effect. I did that all the time with mine running it at the end of my chain.

Also: make sure it's level output is set to "line" when doing this.

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