Speaker upgrade 2x12 cab - classic 30 head


I've got a 2x12 Peavey cab with the original blue marvels in it, I'm not real thrilled with the sound - I'm getting better sound out of a epi 1x12 cab for a valve jr. I'm thinking of going with the Warehouse speakers, or should I say I am going to go with them, but not sure if I want the veteran 30's (vintage 30 clones) or the greenback clones. Any advice on what you guys would do, considering I mostly play Aerosmith /Zeppelin / Beatles/ CCR/type stuff with the occasional VH / hair metal tune thrown in? V-30's probably the best bet? Head is stock - upgrading to JJ tubes this week, main effects are a Rat, Bad Monkey and a digi delay, with the Bad Monkey with the OD channel getting most of the work.
My thoughts are that you get plenty of mids with an EL84, especialy with an open back setup. Even if it isn't an open back, my preference would be to rule out the V30's and go for a little more lowend.

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