Speaker wire to 1/4" adapter?

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  1. GuitarArt1980

    GuitarArt1980 Member

    Jul 14, 2011
    Seattle, WA
    Wanting to use an attenuator with my AC15 but the only connection from amp to speaker are the speaker wires that clip onto the speaker terminials.

    Is there an adapter like this?:
    2 speaker wire terminals > 1/4" female jack

    I'd like to use the following setup:
    Amp external speaker output > 1/4" cable > adapter > speaker cable > speaker

    while keeping the existing speaker cable connected for when I'm not using the attenuator (external speaker output silences the internal connection)

    Does this make sense? Can someone send me a link to what I need? Thanks

    AXEnGEAR4J Supporting Member

    Feb 22, 2009
    First of all you wouldn't be able to use the attenuator "while keeping the existing speaker cable connected", you will either have to have a A/B switch or disconnect one or the other. It sounds like making a just a separate jack or jack plate for both amp and speaker would be you best bet then run any speaker cable with 1/4" plug or have one cable connected with a plug and the other with a jack
  3. drbob1

    drbob1 Silver Supporting Member

    Aug 9, 2004
    You CAN use an attenuator in parallel with a speaker. Set to load box it would drop the output by 3 dB. Of course, putting the attenuator in parallel and setting it to 3 dB does the same thing...

    As to the original question, it's trivial to build the adapter you want. Get a short piece of "lamp cord" extension cord (canabilize one of those white christmas light cords for example), solder spade connectors to one end and a female 1/4" jack to the other. If you don't solder yet, this is the kind of simple, hard to damage project that'll get you started. Total cost, including an inexpensive 30w soldering iron will be less than $30!
  4. J M Fahey

    J M Fahey Member

    May 22, 2009
    Sorry but no.
    You would be halving the load impedance to your amp, it may tolerate it but definitely won't like it ... and it will change sound big way, making it flatter/duller.
    Not the same thing, a properly made attenuator keeps the amp happy by keeping impedance as close as possible.

    As of the adapter, I suggest you get a short piece (say 2") of aluminum "L" angle bracket, drillit and mount a 1/4"jack, pull wires connected to speaker and solder them there; now you added an amp speaker out jack.

    Then connect the speaker to its own short cable, with a standard plug in its end.

    You can plug this speaker straight in the new speaker out jack, and everything is as before, or you insert any attenuator you like, between speaker out and speaker.

    You can use the amp "head" with any other cabinet (think a 4x12" if you wish) at will.

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