Speakers for a Matrix Amp?


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Gonna make the upgrade from a QSC K8 to a power amp/cab. Pretty sure I'll get a Xitone 1x12 (not wedge), but am unsure of which power option.

Thinking of either the Matrix Gm50 or Gt800. Here's the question:

If I were to get the 1U GT800, what speakers can I use with it? I realize there is an issue with the power of the amp and speaker working correctly together, so I was hoping that somebody might be able to explain this to me in a way my simple mind might be able to wrap itself around.

I like the idea of separate components, but am not sure it's worth it ifI can't use my guitar cabs/speakers as well as the Xitone cab. Specifically, can I use either Matrix amp to power a 1x12 Two Rock cab loaded with a Two Rock 12-65 speaker?

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I have the GT1000FX and use two Mesa Thiele 1x12 cabs with EVM-12L (200 watts apiece). I can use one or both and it absolutely kills. I never have to worry about overloading the speakers and it sounds incredible.


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yes you can use it with your two rock cab, running it at noon volume-wise is pretty loud... very loud for most applications, the kind of loud very few people rehearse/gig at... I'm sure you could blow your TR's if you went full volume/bridged for quite some time ... but maybe not ... I don't know the science just guessing from experience

I use my GT800fx with- 2 WGS Brit 80'2 or one vet 30 and an et65 or in-ear-monitors (no cabs) or I have a passive oversized 1x12 Xitone coming soon for some FRFR action, I like the variety... lots of variety with this setup


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I use the GT800FX with an ASW Crossroads (70 watt, 8 ohm). I have to be honest, I have the amp (set in stereo, no bridging for fear of blowing something up) into this cab/speaker and it doesn't seem THAT loud to my ears. I set the output 2 (unbalanced so it's -6dB as hot an output as the output 1 -- someone correct me if I'm wrong?) to noon and it's loud but definitely not uncomfortable. Now I can bring that output 2 up to ~3 oclock / 75% up and it's pretty rocking; I'm hoping this is loud enough with a full band, soon to see.
But I just bought an Eminence Delta Pro 12A (supposed to be a great speaker, heavy, pretty close to an EV 12L) because I want much more clarity out of my rig. The Port City cab is ported and has a different design which brings out wider dispersion and a lot of nice bass frequency, it's actually quite balanced. I am hoping the Delta Pro 12A is a good match. That speaker is supposed to be very good for wider applications and I think continuous power @8ohms is something like 400 watts? Should definitely be able to handle whatever the II and Matrix can throw at it with no issues.

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