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I'm looking for new speakers for my silver face Twin Reverb. It's got some old mismatched Fender-labeled ceramics currently. I don't really have any complaints about the tone, I just want to try to freshen and enhance the amp.

I'm not looking to transform the amp into something it's not. I want it to still sound like a Fender Twin, big and clean, but with a little warmth. I just want to get the best "Twin Reverb" sound out of it that I can.

I have lower-wattage, lighter, more portable amps, so that's not really a concern. It's a Twin, so it's always gonna be pretty cumbersome.

I'm thinking about Emi RW & Blues, but someone recommended the GB 12.

What are you guys using? Got any suggestions?


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Eminence makes some great stuff.
The Red, White, and Blues sound like a good fit, though I have not ever tried them.
Perhaps look into the Eminence Tonker.
Not sure if you had considered alnico speakers, but I've heard that Tone Tubbies work very nicely in a Twin, or maybe even Fane's alnicos.
Speaking of alnico...
I once used a 60's Fender Pro Reverb with some RI Celestion Blue speakers and it sounded fantastic. I mean one of the best Fender tones I've ever heard! If you've got money to throw around maybe try 2 Celestion Golds in there for a higher powered equivalent.
Good luck.

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I have two RW&B's in my SF Twin. They are a good match.

You will get a slightly warmer sound, and to me it also gave me a more usefull treble pot; as I usually ran the treble fairly low, now I can dial it up a bit to get the same sound, or dial it further and get even more chime without being overly bright or piercing.


I have a pair of Weber California ceramics in my '73. Real nice,clear,tight,& punchy,without the piercing high end of JBLs.
I have a pair of Weber Michigan ceramics (paper cone) SED "C" 6L6GC, in my 74/75 SFTR. Notes are crystal clear. Great setup for jazz.

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