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Hello there,

I have a Zoom G2 multi-effects that I've been using for over a year and I absolutely love it. My signal path is as follows: PRS SE Custom 24 into the G2, into a Boss Loop pedal, and then into a Vox AC4TV 4 watt tube amp.

I love foot-switching between patches while playing and not having to stop to adjust knobs on my amp, guitar, or pedal. Basically I use the compressor output level to push the amp tubes in and out of overdrive, which works wonderfully; as well as specific eq and modulation settings for each patch. The problem I am having and getting quite frustrated trying to solve it is a substantial volume drop when playing clean. When I save a patch and have the compressor output at 100% and the mids boosted a bit, I simply click to that patch and get instant, sensual and sexy tube overdrive because the compressor output and eq pushes my amp. But when backed off I can't seem to get the cleans to really shine and sound full--it sounds very flabby and weak.

Some random tidbits:

1.) With amp volume at 12:00 and the compressor off it sounds awesome, but it is gritty and hitting tube breakup. Volume is nice, though--lots of punch. Just not clean at all.

2.) With amp volume down a tad, the cleans are improved somewhat--not enough punch, but then if I kick the compressor on full blast it's not enough to send it into glorious overdrive.

3.) I keep playing with the compressor settings, but basically what is happening is that if I increase the output level the cleans go from extremely dull and flabby straight to crunchy and gritty. No "sweet spot" anywhere in between where they are full and rich. Even with the compressor sensitivity all the way down.

4.) I tried running a Boss OD-3 as the last stop before going into the amp--gain all the way down, tone at 12:00, and level anywhere from 10:00-12:00. Same problem as #3--dull to dirty with not stops in between.

5.) Whenever the compressor is turned on, it seems to always drop the volume, EXCEPT when the output level is over 50 (out of 100) in which case it makes the amp scream. This is the reason I can have the amp volume up like in #1, but with the compressor on I can still get clean sounds (they just sound lousy.)

Anyone have anything for me?

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