Spider Valve MkII


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I had one on loan for a couple of weeks from a local dealer. The guys at Music Zone are great guys to deal with. Anyway, after playing it for few weeks I'm still really digging it. It's not the end all be all but IMHO I'm able to get some really good tones from it and I really like the flexibility. The Class A model which is the /13 model is really really good. I'm able to get some very nice gain tones as well from the metal models with the gain down. I'm using it with my M13 and it fills in the gaps effects wise where the SV MkII is lacking but they really did a good job of giving you more to choose from on the one's in the SV and they are much more tweak able and they added midi.That was my biggest gripe with the older SV but the took care of it and it sounds much better as well.

This amp has more "in your face" or "in the room" vibe that I feel some of the other modelers I've had are missing. All with IMHO and YMMV of course.

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