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Spinal Tap


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My favorite spinal tap moment didn't come from the movie, but came from their live show a few years back when I saw them in st pete. Can't remember which song it was (pretty sure it was something from A Mighty Wind). They started the song, then stopped only a few seconds into it. Here was the exchange:

Harry Shearer: Wait, stop stop.
Michael Mckean: Is it over already?
Harry Shearer: Sorry, we played that way too slow.
Michael Mckean: If it's already over, I think we played it way too fast.

It took quite awhile for them to regain their composure before they started the song again.


None more black!!!

If you haven't seen it check out "a mighty wind" same crew but folk based... Hilarious!!!!

B Money

Viv Savage: "Have a good time...all the time. That's my philosophy Marty."

from a recent Tap Interview:
Smalls: "Do you think Viv knew that his microphone was never plugged in?"
St.Hubbins: "When the question is; 'did Viv ever know...', the answer is always NO"

"St.Hubbins: "I'm sure I'd feel worse about it, if I weren't so heavily medicated."

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