Sold Splawn Competition 50 watt head


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The ultimate hot-rodded Marshall. Boutique built in North Carolina, and over-engineered with super-premium components. Simple layout but super-flexible. Includes 3-button footswitch. In like new condition.

$1,000 shipped

Covers a lot of classic Marshall ground - starting with Plexi and progressing through hot-rodded JCM 800 sounds. The pentode/triode (half power) switch is awesome for adapting the volume level and responsiveness. In full power mode it's tight and responsive, and in half power mode the attack softens up just a bit. In either mode it cranks out beautiful grind and infinite sustain feedback if you push it, and cleans up nicely when you roll back the volume on your guitar.

More details available on the Splawn website:

(Cabinet in photo not included.)

50 watts - w/ half power switch (triode/pentode)
2xEL34s, 3x12AX7s
Solo boost, OD1 (rhythm) /OD2 (lead) mode, 3 "gear" modes
"Gears" cycle through 3 different sounds: 1st - Hot Rod Plexi, 2nd - Hot Rod 800, 3rd - Super Hot Rod 800
3 Button Footswitch - Gear control (see below), OD1/OD2, and Solo Boost
Series Effects Loop - w/ true-bypass and adjustable +4db/-10db switch.
Impedance Selector - 4/8/16 ohms





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