Splittable HB that matches well with Area 58/67 (neck/mid) ??


I'm looking to switch out my HSS superstrat pickup set.
I'd like to go with the Area 58 in the neck and 67 in the mid.
Anyone had any success pairing a splittable HB in the bridge that might be a good tone/output match?

Open to suggestions.


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if you go that route you'll need a superswitch so that you can split the middle pickup at the same time if you want the hum-canceling and the clarity on that setting.

anyway i've found the plain ol' duncan '59 trembucker to be a really good strat bridge pickup!

punchy with enough bottom end, while not so hot as to be an amp fizz generator.

split it so that the neck-side coil stays on with the middle strat pickup and the quack is pretty convincing.

Wayne Alexander

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The Joe Barden Two Tone Humbucker is PAFish in the thicker mode, and is one of his S-Deluxe strat type (noiseless) pickups in the thinner mode. Volume wise and tone wise it should be a good match with the Area pickups. You won't need a superswitch to use it - just either a push push or push pull pot with a switch, or drill a hole for a mini dpdt switch.


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I have always thought the Dimarzio Air Zone was a good choice for alder/ash Strat styled guitars. The AZ has a fat PAF type of sound that matches really well with traditional single coils. It sounds great split too!

I know the Tone Zone kinda gets touted as a hot pickup, but the Air Zone is not as hot as you might suspect. Definitely one of Dimarzios medium-output level pickups.

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