Splitting Humbuckers which one do you prefer? Inner or outer coil


At this moment my guitar (H-S-H) is wired to have only the OUTER COILS activate on the "notch" positions of the 5 way switch. I notice that on position 2 and 4, the output is much weaker than the full humbucker(1 and 5).

Does the inner coils sound better or louder??? I could always try it out but it would be very time consuming rewiring it again.:dunno


You basically don't want the hb to split. So, keep the inner coils from getting grounded out. No more quack or volume drop.

BTW, many HSH users want the volume drop, as it allows a bit of Strat factor for cleaning up and getting funked up.


If this is done correctly, the middle pickup is reverse wound, reverse polarity to the HB coils that are used, which means the combinations are partially humbucking. If you change the coil, this will be lost unless you simply turn around the pickup (which works just fine, because the windings still go around the same direction, clockwise or CCW). If you change it so the HBs stay humbucking when combined, the center SC will add its usual hum to the combo.

To have a choice between which coil is split off is good and effective, but mostly when using the pickup alone (which this switching does not allow) or the coils are made to sound different (e.g. P-rails).
keep the inner coils from getting grounded out.

It's probably not wired that way. Since the selector has to connect a PU output anyway, it can select either the coil junction (SC) or the whole PU output.
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