Splitting Up

Hey group - a good friend and I are taking our Peavey combo amps and splitting them up into a separate head and speaker box. The amps are (in case you're curious) a Delta Blues 115 and a Bravo. I'm also considering doing this to a 1981 Yamaha G100 212 combo.

What are your thoughts on (1) amp performance and (2) trade value for splitting up the combos?

How many of you guys have done this? Would you mind sharing some photos of your split ups?


Hey Reginald,

My only comments would be to build your own head cab rather then sacrificing the existing combo cab, so you can always return it to stock for resale. Selling the head cab along with the combo should increase the resale value as well.

Once you have it in a head you can try different stock cabs to see what works best and buy or build your own based on that...
Randy ~ I agree and have come to my senses on slicing up the combos cabinet. I get the Delta Blues made into a head and attempt to convert the combo's box into an extension cab.

Anyone else?


my .02,

a) chassis into a head cab,

b) leave combo cab. alone...store it

c) buy a 2x12 cab. and outfit w/suitable spkrs

should be able to improve sound, comparing to combo config.

later, if you don't like the amp., you can sell the head and old combo cab.

The 2x12 cab. (or whatever separate cab. you get) stays with you as basic gear for future use.

The separate cab. allows you to improve your sound via all the options
1x12 vs 2x12 vs 2x10 vs 3x10.......
big vs small cab.
open vs closed back
mixed spkr types vs all same
spkr types alnico vs ceramic vs neo or hemp cone or......

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