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squashy funk compressor


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I need a compressor for squashed funk tones. I play a Tele.
I'm looking at the Demeter Compulater, Xotic SP.. and the Bearfoot PGC or Mad Professor FGC.
Any suggestions/comments?


Yeah, for those specific sounds you may want a Ross circuit of some kind. The comps you listed are all optical, so they work a little differently. Any of them would probably work for your purposes, except for maybe the PGC. It's designed to be a very subtle comp, so it doesn't get real squished and probably won't do what you need. I played it alongside the Bearfoot EverGreen Compressor (their version of the FGC), and IMO the EGC/FGC would be much more in line with what you're after.

But you don't have to drop that much to get that sound. It all depends on how picky you want to get about extra bells & whistles. A standard Dyna Comp will do the trick on the cheap, but it's somewhat limited in that it only has two controls, compression & output volume. It also might be too noisy with your rig, I don't know.

In the price range of your picks, you can get Ross comps like the AnalogMan CompRossor or the Keeley Comp, which are generally made with higher-quality components and add additional controls to allow more flexibility, but at their core they're just a nicer version of the Ross/Dyna Comp sound. An optical comp will be more versatile, but if you're trying to get real 70s squash without rack mount studio compressors, the Ross circuit was what they used.

This gets posted in every single compressor thread (with good reason), so I'll throw it out:


More compressor info than you could ever hope to need, including reviews of every compressor mentioned so far and anything else anybody's going to suggest in this thread. FWIW, I believe he likes the Mad Prof FGC best of the ones mentioned to this point, but that's as a general-use compressor, not your specific needs, and he's reviewing them as a bass player, which he explains.

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