Squier CV, Affinity, Custom II questions (neck, upgrade advice, etc)

Everyone has great things to say about the CV tele. Looks like a great buy, but I see a lot of Affinity's used around here on craigslist. I can get one for uner $100. I'm really interested in the Custom II....with the duncan designed p90s.

are the necks teh same on all of these guitars? I like a non-baseball bat neck with jumbo frets. I know I'll need to play one, but I'm just wondering about em. i had a G&L ASAT and i loved the neck on that.....just for reference.

i'm leaning towards the custom II, but then again, i'm putting p90s in my AS200. might be good to have some variety, but the tele should get me there anyway. if i get the custom II i probably wont swap out pickups, but if i get the affinity, ill probably get some booteek PUs and a bigsby.

Thanks guys :bow
Also, the reason I've been interested in tele's lately because there have been a lot of bands that I've listened to lately that have guitarists playing them. Don't laugh, but a major one is jonny buckland from Coldplay (havent heard their new stuff), he plays killer stuff on Parachutes. So, the Affinity is probably the best way to go?
damn.....amazing how i run across gregor hilden again....first with his LP with custom shop p90s, and now this fender squier custom II. i thought i was immune to GAS....

just not sure whether to go for a p90 equipped tele or the lipstick single coil in the neck......(ie CV tele). any advice??? i've got some hb sized p90s being made by bg right now for my semi hollow.....so ive got that part covered. seems like you can get some good twang with the custom ii though (he plays some country licks in the vid, its not all weezer):


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My daughter has the Affinity Tele. Not bad, but the neck is super pencil thin and small. Narrow nut as well. The custom has a beefier profile, but it's not what I'd call beefy. Pretty average C shape. I had one of those necks on a Parts Tele a few years back. It's a pretty good neck.

Johnny Buckland does play some pretty cool stuff! Most of his Tele's have humbuckers though if I'm not mistaken?
I have a Squier Classic Vibe Pine tele and a Squire Tele Custom with the P90s.
Both are great buys for the money and playable as is imo. The CV outshines the Custom ll as far as build quality but I was really wanting a tele P90 combo and I didn't have alot of cash.


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Delfano, Great stuff there from Greg's Guitars. The P90's sound great, but I just gotta know, did he put the Duncan designed pickups in a Fender or did he take Squire off of the headstock?


I'd love the Squier CVs, but they have that danged skinny 1.65 (42mm) neck, and my fingers don't fit in such tiny spaces. Why must all cheap guitars have skinny necks? Poor people all have skinny fingertips???


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My CV Tele neck was too skinny even for my smallish paws. I could deal with the feel but not with the neck tuning instability.


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Wow, if y'all think the CV Tele neck is skinny, you must have baseball bats on the rest of your guitars.
No, actually my players are both MusicMan Silhouette Specials, generally thought of as having small necks.

here, I'll dig up an image of it. Very nice fretwork, but the front to back girth was seriously thin.

Maybe some CV's are smaller than others? This is the only one I've played.


Nut width on the CVs is 42mm. American standard is 43mm. Doesn't sound like much, but it's a world of difference when playing if you have large/wide fingertips. Pretty much all Squires have 42, which for me and a lot of players is utterly unplayable.


Sometimes you'll see the narrow 42mm width represented as 1.65". I guess they figure the market for Squires and the cheapest Mex models are all little kids who need narrow fretboard widths. But you'd think they'd offer them in two widths, one for adult and one for the kiddies. All the expensive American models are standard adult-sized 1.6875" with the exception of a couple of "vintage" custom jobs that are 1.65.

Hellooooo Fender, adults need affordable guitars too!

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