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Squier CV Jaguar - How is it?


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OK, so I've got some Jaguar gas but not enough to spend much money.

How does the current Squier Classic Vibe stack up?



I don't think you will get many responses on here, but they are very popular on offsetguitars.com

I had the previous Vintage Modified Jazzmaster and it was a good guitar once I replaced the bridge, trem and pickups. I hear the CV offsets are nicer than the VMs

I want to pick up a shell pink CV Jag but it sounds like it won't be coming to the USA.


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Love mine, although after about six months, I added a set of Fender vintage spec pickups that I had from an old project. I’d be fine with the originals to be fair.

My biggest complaint is the skinny neck. I generally play bigger necks, but I get used to the jag after a couple of minutes,
Mine may be VM, not a CV, but I’ve read the same things eurotrashed did, that the CV are better regarded than the VM.


I've played a few in stores. None have had the trem bar so I haven't gotten to test out the trem, but otherwise they seem pretty decent. I consider them a great entry level offering into the Jaguar world, but at the same time they truly have many of the issues the general public views as inherent to Jaguars. The pickups are a bit thin sounding, bridge seems like it’ll fall apart with heavy strumming, very thin neck etc. My take away has been that they will do the stereotypical Jag stuff pretty well, but that higher end Jaguars are far more versatile than given credit for.
I've had one for almost a year, which I bought to dip my toe in the offset waters again. Also I've always liked blocks and binding on offsets.

Biggest flaw right out of the gate was the nut, which wasn't cut correctly. It's not a hard fix or anything, but that threw off the action and made it tough to get the action low without a lot of buzzing. It's a bone nut though, so it's otherwise nice.

The bridge is a Mustang bridge, and a nicer quality one (the cheaper ones will have gaps between the saddles). However, I ended up swapping for a Nashville TOM bridge, with some heavy shimming of the neck. I know using a TOM is looked down on by purists, but I've been very happy with it. Also with enough shimming there is plenty of sustain. Despite being technically a mismatch (neck radius is 9.5", TOM is 12"), it seems to work well with nice action. But you can always file down some of the saddles to get a better match.

The neck is comfortable, not super skinny like some of the cheaper Squiers, seems like a medium C? Fatter for me is always better, but it's fat enough to be comfortable. Frets are narrow/tall, which can take some getting used to.

I swapped out the pickups for the Pure Vintage 65s, which are relatively inexpensive but highly regarded.

I liked the tone well enough at first, but if you're like me what sounds good can kind of "drift" over time. Eventually I started to perceive the tone as being just too bright. But I've also been moving toward appreciating more mid-rangey pickups, like P90s, so that could have changed my perception. I found that swapping out the main tone cap to a .1uF cap (replacing stock .01uF) made a big improvement there. Rolling off the tone knob gives it a nice musical mid-rangey sound. Still plenty of top end, but not anemic or shrill.

I know lots of vintage Strats used the .1uF tone cap, and I think the original Jags did too. It seemed to make a big difference on the Jag. I'll be using this value for all my Fender-style guitars moving forward.

Anyway, just as I was starting to dislike the CV Jag those two changes (bridge, changed capacitor) made me like it again.


I've just bought a Squier CV Jaguar and I think it's a really nice guitar. The only drawback was the nut which was badly cut so I took the guitar to my luthier and she corrected it. Since then the action is right, intonation too.

It sounds really good to my ears and the trem works well. I wish I bought such a guitar sooner and I recommend it.

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