Squier strat


Hi guys, i'm new to the forum so maybe this isn't the place to post this but here it goes.
I own an ibanez rg350dxz and a squier bullet strat (hss) probably made in china. Currently the strat is stock but i'm planning on changing the pups, the bridge, and tuners maybe. I would like to hear some recommendations on what to use, was thinking on tex mex pups due to my low budget. I'm from Uruguay and have to shop for parts from USA. Thanks in advance.


You should not need to change the tuners. On inexpensive guitars, it is almost always the nut that needs attention if you are experiencing tuning problems.

The bridge should also be fine unless you plan on a lot of heavy whammy use.

You might want to get the pickups from China if you are on a low budget. The Artec brand pickups are good and generally better than the stock pickups companies use. From what I've read, there is a lot of trade between Uruguay and China so you should be able to find a source for these pickups.

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