Squier VM Tele Custom, Short Bridge install/new harness

Bill Allen

Picked up a Squier Tele Vintage Modified Custom (20% off, not bad!) Anyway wanted to Put a Short Bridge on it and mount the Bridge pickup to body, However I've been looking around and can't find an answers I need.

1). What is the size of the bridge? is it asian or vintage(us)? it's made in Indonesian so most likely it's asian. 10.5mm string spacing but all the Short bridges have 2 1/8" string spacing. Would the 4 mounting holes be the same? String spacing matter? Also wanted to put Some Brass (comp) saddles on as well.

2) asked Fender and the guy didn't even know.

3) thinking about installing a new harness too, possibly split coil options, out of phase and parallel/serial switching. if I put some new pickups in with better abilities(noiseless,stacked, 4 conductor..) should I keep the neck HB 500k and the bridge at 250k or at 1 meg(as I've seen a few versions that counter which is better)?

And the Neck on this guitar is really nice!

Opinions, thoughts? thanks


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As for the bridge... Bandsaw it off just aft of the pickup cutout, file it smooth and rock on.
Good luck with your project.

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