Sold Squire J Mascis Jazzmaster with Staytrem and AVRI add ons!!


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I'm reluctantly selling my J Mascis Squire. I have four Jazzmasters right now and it's just become too much. I was going to order some Novak Gold Foil Jazzmaster pickups for this bad boy but I've decided I better get rid of it before I do so.

Here's the deal: Guitar was bought from Chicago Music Exchange 6 months ago and it came straight from the sealed Squire box. Then, I took off the neck and sent it over to Joey for his awesome looking matching headstock treatment. I had the body and electronics shipped over to Chicago, where I live most of the year, and somehow Fedex managed to put a decent ding in the side of the body. It's deep but small. You can't feel it while playing, and other than a couple other small marks, the guitar is in good condition. Additionally, I bought an AVRI trem and a Staytrem bridge. It's also got schaller strap locks. To top it off, the frets were dressed by Third Coast Guitar here in Chicago, and it absolutely slays. I did have another wiring harness / Novak pickup setup in it at one point but all the original stuff was removed without altering a single solder joint. When I put it back to stock, I actually think the original pickups sound better... It's an awesome guitar that really hangs with my AV 65, '66 and '62. Seriously. In fact that the guy who set it up is trying to move stuff to buy it. Comes with the AVRI trem arm and a gig bag, and all of the original parts except for one of the strap button screws.

Price: $400.00 PPG and Shipped.


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