Squire Vintage Modified Jazzmaster and J Mascis Jazzmaster


they've been out for like 6 months now, how are they holding up?

I'm considering one as a backup to my Tele. I want something cool I can beat up on tour without worrying.

problem is, apparently no stores in the San Francisco Bay area seem to stock them and ive never seen them pop up on Craigslist. frustrating.

it's either that or one of those Xaviere jazzys from guitar fetish...
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I have one of each and love them both.

The volume pot on the VM needs to go and an upgrade to the trem assembly would be a nice upgrade but other than that.

They have a lot of Tele spank in the bridge position as well.

Of course like any guitar, you have to play them first--can't just order and hope for the best. I played a few that sucked royally and a few that were good.

For whatever reason they ARE hard to find in stores--same goes for the Jaguar VMs which are great as well.


I have one of each as well. Both are nice guitars. The VMJM is more vintage correct in regard to the pickups, trem placement, and bridge. The JMJM is a better guitar out of the box if you don't mind the non-traditional tone of P90-ish pickups paired with the tuneomatic-type bridge.


I'd say Mascis for you. The changes make it closer to a Tele for ease of setup, not the same sound, but just works out of the box.

The VMJM will need more setup work, & you may hate it on tour, if you don't learn how, & put in the time to setup correctly.

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