St. Ayoysius Music Ministry


I auditioned for this Ministry in Oct.
Passed the audition.
I'm playing electric guitar with a very high standard of musicians & singers.
We're playing contemporary Christian music.
The Ministry people have top notch personalities.
They're good people, as well as musicians.
We've already played at a non denominational music event.
We went over well.
After all these months, I'm still in the honeymoon period.:banana

Here's an e mail we received:

"I started attending mass regularly at St. Aloysius in December. I just
wanted to let you know how beautiful the music is at 12:30 mass on
Sundays. I have been away from the church a long time, and I can't tell
you how wonderful their music makes me feel each time I go. I have
wanted to thank them personally, but never had the chance yet. Please
convey my thoughts to the musicians.... It makes me want to keep coming
back every week! Congratulations on your fine ministry."

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