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Stacking OCD & Fulldrive II. Which one first?


I've found a great deal of info on TGP about both these pedals, but not so much about stacking them together. Anyone have a preference for the stacking order of these two pedals, and if so, why?

It's a personal preference topic. Neither is wrong, and both ways can sound great for different styles.

I don't have the FD2, but my Eternity/OCD combination gives me stellar stacking tone. As of right now, I'm running Eternity > OCD. But that could change soon.


I actually use a Bad Monkey (don't hate me) as an "always on" pedal. I set the gain to zero and dime the volume. This adds a bit more punch and grit to my clean DRRI. Then, the FD2 is used as a moderate overdrive sound. Kick off the FD2 and kick in the OCD for increased overdrive.

I have my set-up as FD2 > OCD but haven't experimented much with using the two at the same time. And, I believe this is "common" meaning overdrives and distortions are "typically" set up from mellow to moderate to high gain.

Hope this helps.


Here's a cool way of looking at it:

If you put the FD2 After the OCD in comp-cut you get a variable volume boost that also adds compression to smooth out and add sustain. So without the FD2 you have a great crunch rhythm tone that cleans up a lot with your volume, and you can boost up over the band at will with the FD2.


You can put the comp-cut FD2 INTO the OCD and get a boosted, kinda modded Marshall level of gain and crunch with (OR without) having to max the OCD's gain - your choice.


I love these two pedals together. I have an older 2005 FD2, which to me sounds more open and less compressed than the newer mosfet ones. I found that with single coils, I like the FD2 into the OCD. With buckers I like the opposite. I've been using the FD2 in FM mode for singles, and comp cut with buckers. I also use the OCD (V3) for higher gain.

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