Stagehog +Small speaker cab


Just purchased an early Stephenson Stagehog pedal/amp and looking for a recomendation for a really small speaker cab or speaker which I could build a custom cab for.

Btw- I already have multiple 2x12" cabs.

I think an 8"-10" speaker size would be ideal but open to anything compact. I play all types of music, anything from country, classic rock to some rock/metal.


Nice work on the purchase! Mark's stuff is amazing.

I had a Stage Hog for a while on loan and I actually successfully ran it through a 4x12 cab with a slave amp. Mark always loves Jensen speakers, so you might want to start looking there. I'm not sure if they make a NEO in 8", but I think maybe a 10" version is out there. I'd definitely start there, I'm certain that it would be worth the trouble if you can get one of those.

As far as enclosures go, I'd recommend the London Power DIY speaker cabinet book. Study that stuff and then build what you need.

Alternately, you could e-mail Mark and he might be able to make you a scaled down version of his FV cabinet.. if not that then just a standard box that sounds good in whatever size you want.


I've found good value in converting old PV combo's into 1x12's. The old Pacer model is a bit over sized and made of solid wood. I picked one up for $70 with a Jensen Mod70 12. Greenback-ish speaker...a no brainer.

Lord I have been tempted by the Stagehog many many times. Instead I ordered a Hall Lil' Devil, 2W circuit based on a TrainWreck Express with scaling...amazing.

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