Standard Dunlop Crybaby wah vs signature models


I've only owned the signature Dunlop Dimebag, Zakk Wylde, and Kirk Hammet crybaby wah pedals.

I've never actually played a standard model.

Is there much difference between them? Or am I just paying out for the fact that they're 'signature'.


I've seen shootouts on youtube where the "base model" won ... but with the signature models you get nicer aesthetics and unique voicing ... are they worth the extra you paid? that's up to you ... btw, I own the original crybaby, base model vox, and union jax vox and a ton of morley wahs - like 'em all ...
I've owned a Buddy Guy model and the standard. The BG has an extra quacky "BG mode" that has been described as bell-like. The default mode has much less noise and an overall more bass-centered sound which tempers the tone a bit when the wah is all the way down. This makes it much less shrill and friendlier with distortion than standard wahs. I think it also has a buffer which helps it play better with fuzz pedals. It certainly doesn't make them freak out like my standard did at times. From what I understand, the Jerry Cantrell similarly tempers the highs, going more for a midrange sound.


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I can't speak on the signature model, but I've got a 1980s Standard Crybaby, and a 2015 535Q.

I think they've made a lot of improvements to even the standard model since the 80's- though I've just had to replace my potentiometer once on it.

I like the amount of tweakability of the 535Q, but I think base model has been honed to be very consistent (early ones varied a lot in tone) and much more reliable. I would be perfectly happy with the base model.

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