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Stanley Jordan


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I had the great fortunate of seeing him live in the mid 2000's. It was a solo gig at the Byrdland, and he absolutely killed. I chatted him up briefly, and if I recall right, he was finishing up his Ph.D. at the time. He is a brilliant man, as well as soft spoken and easy going.


He’s amazing but I agree it gives a thin tone playing that way. And as talented as he is I can really only listen occasionally.


Stanley Jordan is without a doubt a very talented musician, and I love some of the things he has done, but everytime I listen to him I can't help but think how awful and thin can be tapping in terms of tone, especially when it's used in a exclusive way.

I personally wouldn't chase his sound myself however...

Maybe 15ish years ago? I ran live sound for Stanley a few times and no doubt he knows exactly what he wants.

One of very, very few musicians I've worked with who can call & pin point frequencies... Need more or less 1.3k or 800Hz or 7k? On the ball. Demanding.

At the time he carried & plugged into some rack unit... digitech? Zoom? Something like that went into DI in stereo.

Anyway. Great player. Total gentlemen. Nothing but love & respect all around here.
I remember first seeing him in a guitar magazine ad for Casio (maybe?). I remember the ad touting him for his four finger technique. I thought cool, I like Watson, Batten and S. Lynch. Now this was the '80s, long before a simple lookup on youtube. I ended up seeing him on something and I was floored. So much so, I couldn't really handle him. I couldn't imagine someone playing like that.


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Very talented musician. I had never really looked as his bio before. Very interesting that he did a BA at Princeton studying under Milton Babbitt

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