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    Jan 29, 2015
    Hello all.

    I have a question about starting a new pedal board. I play at church every week and I am currently using a pod HD500x which is cool. However, I have been wanting to create a pedal board for quite some time and I am thinking about moving forward with it.

    My question is this: I don't play through an amp at church, which has been fine when using the pod. I have looked into getting the Joyo American Sound pedal, and I was wondering after all the effects, would running straight into a direct box sound alright. I know it would be the same as running into an amp, however, for church that isn't an option as they have been accustomed to going direct, therefore I don't want to mess with the sound, and I'd like to keep as a consistent as possible with how I have been playing before.

    I also have some questions about some overdrives, and the order I should place them. Thanks all.

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