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I've found myself moving away from multi-effects and most recently, the M13. Nothing wrong with them at all. Only thing that I'm finding is the simplicity of stomps is a different KIND of simplicity that the MFX units offer. Meaning, just being able to work with what you have is great rather than getting dragged down in deep editing (YMMV)

For me, I want to work with (at least to start) one delay, an overdrive that I can put through it's paces enough to know where it's wheelhouse really is.

I have a clean boost for the front of the line and might consider a chorus and compressor eventually but for now, I'm thinking simple.


All my amps have pretty good reverb but if I wanted to change that effect, I'd probably invest in a different Accutronics tank.

I know there are hundreds of offerings for each effect listed in this setup and thousands of combinations. What I'm looking for is a straightforward, good sounding board. If I start to sharpen my ear and decide on higher end, better replacements, thats fine.

So, for right now, for lets say off the shelf and maybe a couple of boutique, how do you build this for a straight rock player?

Boost is already there. MXR Micro Amp

So suggestions please. Ceiling is $600 Definitely will research a lot of these once posted.



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Hardwire delay is hard to beat, even for the money. Allways been very happy with mine.


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I know you have a boost but I have tried quite a few boost pedals and nothing sounds like the Keeley Katana.

I had a Keeley compressor but I play humbuckers when I play rock and I just can't bond with a compressor. I don't need the compressor when I have a boost pedal.

I have tried lots of overdrives (Xotic, Keeley mod, Lovepedal, ect.) and haven't found one that beats my Fulltone OCD so far (it's an older version). They all seemed to make my amp sound fizzy except for the OCD. I play through a Splawn Quickrod and that thing sounds amazing but it is picky about pedals.

I don't care for chorus that much but the old Boss CE-2 is nice. I prefer phase or flange. The Red Witch Moon Phase is amazing but it's $300. The HBE psysocibe is really nice too for about $130 less. I have an HBE Frost Bite and it's probably the best flanger ever. The newer MXR flangers sound really good too for the money.

A couple of cheaper but still quality delays: CMATMODS Deeelay and MXR Carbon copy. Eventide Timefactor would be sweet but cost around $400.

On the used market you could probably pick up a Katana, CMATMODS signacomp, OCD, CE-2, and a carbon copy for around $600.


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You might want a delay with modulation to get kind of a two-fer. As for drives, what are you trying to achieve? High gain? Amp breakup? I've settled on Jetter for very organic low to med gain (Jetdrive alone, Tritium in a stack) and pushing them with a clean boost ups the gain. My higher gain do all at this point is a Screw Driver - super versatile, great sounding pedal. The Lunar Module is also really versatile if you're more of a fuzz guy.


For rock, you have to have a great drive. The ocd has a good range of gain and quality at a good price. Boost, I think the xotic rc is a great choice. Delay is tough. Depends what you want for application. Hearing great things about mxr carbon copy, but I like having tap ability. Don't have it right now, but the nova delay is an excellent pedal w/o getting stupid on price. Mods can get pricy. I opted to pick up a line 6 mm 4 cheap, and had keeley mod it. Purists will diss it , but great flexability and some very good sounds trem,tri chorus are real standout. Pedal integration is a nice feature. hearing great things about the new ehx reverbs. Good luck!

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SHOD for sure. Maybe a tube screamer clone like a LGW or an Eternity. The SHOD is $169 now for the PCB version. Forget compression, it's a fluff pedal. Why would you want to take away from your dynamics. If the amp sags a little, that's plenty. As for delay, get an old Boss DD-2, you'll thank me later.


delay- carbon copy 100 bucks (used) has some built in mod and is analog:)
comp-pigtronics philosopher's tone (germanium if possible) sounds good,has grit knob!
overdrive- box of rock has a killer boost and plexi style distortion(vexter series)$199 new
mod- hmmmmm I like the fulldrive mini deja but I think the EH ringthing is killer as well!

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There. Meets your requirements, simple, cheap. The other "more advanced" (not an age joke I promise!) fellas here will most likely strongly disagree, because if a pedal is under $150 it doesn't exist, but, eh...

This is like, my opinion, man...

Comp - For transparent, the RAF Mirage; for traditional Ross, the Analogman Bi-Comp (or mini)

OD - Depends on what you want. For me, the Nobels ODR-1 is my touch sensitive drive that does light OD to chunky lead; I absolutely love it. I just got a Tim, which is a superb transparent OD, but I still like the Nobels for most of my dirt.

Mod - Definitely a Vibe. Just got the Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe. Love it.

Delay - Carbon Copy; cheap, great sounding, and versatile.


There are countless combinations you could come up with and everybody on here will have a different opinion about what is best. I would start by narrowing down my choices by looking at which delay and OD/distortion you liked best on the M13. Did you favor one of their modeled effects more than the others? If you identify that you like a combo like their Analog Echo with the Screamer or the tape echo with a Fuzz, it may be easier to guide you in a more channeled direction and save you some time and money.


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Boost - Micro Amp
OD - Skreddy Screwdriver Deluxe (~225)
Comp - Barber Tone Press (~100)
Modulation - Some kind of Phase/Vibe - (~150)
Delay - Deluxe Memory Boy (~125)

This should cover a TON of ground for you - good luck!


Wow this is great help you guys.

@MadFrank: Yes, the HW seems to have quite a bit going for it and it's one that I've been considering recently. Had a DigiDelay at one time and it was very good. I would imagine the HW is a few steps above.

@Shawnee: Agreed. Compression is going to be almost a secondary thing at this point. The thing is, I've never been a huge fan except for boost. I know there are many who would disagree and say that I'm missing out (they're probably right!). I listened to the CMATMODS Deeelay this morning. Pretty nice tone. Definitely does the hi-cut well.

@jgm: Great question. On the drive side I'm looking for medium gain. My main amp is a Laney VC30 which offers two great channels, both of which will accept a little external dirt very well. Even putting the Micro Amp in front of CH2 does a lot of nice things. If I need high gain, I can get it from increasing that drive channel and hitting it with more dirt up front. It gets nice and nasty when pushed like that. IMO, very JCM800-ish.

@chriscasbah: Agreed on the tap tempo. I liked that about the M13 and it would definitely be nice to have that capability.

@all... Still looking up and listening to some of the gear you guys suggested. Again, I appreciate the help. J


There's a lot of variables there. If you've got a good clean amp sound and your just going for a straight rock sound to me that's a Marshally/Classic Rock sound anywhere from AC/DC to Bad Company to Led Zeppelin to Van Halen. I'd get a good Amp Like/Plexi style pedal for overdrive.

Examples: Fulltone OCD/Jetter Red Shift (With Toggle to Shift which is the Jetter Purple sound)/Box Of Rocks/Cmat Mods Brownie/Wampler Pinnacle or Plextortion. All very Cranked Amp/Marshally sounding.

If you want non-boutique/just walk into a music store and grab off a shelf, I find a Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive with a Boss GE-8 EQ to help it out (add some bass and a little treble) works very nice too.

Modulation depends on songs you're playing. A cheap Boss CH-1 Super Chorus has worked great for me for years. The new Hardwire Chorus is great as well.

Delay: Either an MXR Carbon Copy (For Analog), a Boss DD-3 (For Digital) or a Hardwire Delay (Tweakable) would work fine.

If it were me and I were just starting out with a small pedalboard.
(Musicians Friend Pricing)
Fulltone OCD $135.15
Boss Super Chorus $89.00
Hardwire Delay $159.95
Grand Total $384.10
Leaves you $217.90 for something else you might like (more modulation ie. Flanger or Octave or something)

That's just my 2 cents.
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