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Discussion in 'Recording/Live Sound' started by M. Glaviano, Feb 18, 2008.

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    In my studio I dedicate a Mac G5 to be my DAW. It's got a MOTU 1224 (old, I know, but adequate for me) connected with some nice mic pre's and monitoring gear. The G5 runs Digital Performer 5.

    In addition, I dedicate a MacBook Pro as a "sound source". Here I run Reason 4, Guitar Rig 3, and Apple's "MainStage". Currently, I take analog audio output from the MacBook into the analog audio input on my DAW. This works fine, but it's got an extra D->A->D conversion that seems silly.

    Now the MOTU 1224 has some unused AES/EBU ports. If I could find a FireWire-to-AES/EBU interface for my MacBook, I could stay completely digital inside my signal chain. That would just about have to help with both latency and sound quality.

    I realize that there are several FireWire interfaces from several manufacturers that have either AES/EBU or S/PDIF ports (and Hosa makes an AES/EBU <-> S/PDIF converter box, so if I get one format I can get the other), but these are all multi-featured DAW-type interfaces with mic inputs, instrument inputs, monitor outs, etc. I don't need or want that added complexity & cost.

    I've searched but haven't found anything that is simple and minimal -- "just" FireWire (w/ appropriate OS X drivers I guess) on one end and AES/EBU on the other.

    Anyone run across something like this?


    Michael Glaviano
    Northern CO

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