Stereo IO box/pedal with independent volume control for each channel?

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  1. minty901

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    Nov 4, 2014
    im interested in something that is able to do this:

    ...but without the terrible quality and customer service of the nose pedal.

    Does anyone know of a pedal/box that can do this? I'm fairly confident that something else that is designed to do specifically this might not exist, but perhaps there's something out there (DI box or line selector or something) that has a different primary function but is able to control the volume as an aside/feature. this looks very capable:

    ...but im interested in something much smaller. Maybe something with a useful other feature would be preferred, like effects or hum destroyers.
  2. wrathfuldeity

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    Jun 17, 2010
    state of delusion
    if you want to do a relative volume of 2 could use a stereo pan volume a George for me....its active, optic and buffered.

    The GD25 gives the player a stereo panning and volume pedal … all in one unit!

    In “PAN” mode, pushing the pedal forward pans to the left, while pushing the pedal backward pans to the right. In both volume and panning mode, the GD25 allows the player to set levels for left and right levels. Studio quality, noiseless performance is what you can expect from the GD25.

    Controls: Mode, Left Level, Right Level, Minimum Volume, Volume and Panorama Volume.

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