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I have several effects pedals that have a single mono input, but have L/R outputs for stereo-ish effects, e.g. chorus, flanger, panning tremolo/phaser, etc, which I run into a 2-amp setup. I'd like to use at least 2, possibly 3, on my board, and probably just one at a a time. I'm thinking the easiest solution would be a custom looper from someone like Loop-Master with L/R inputs for each loop, or maybe even a y-cable w/TRS. Final output to the amps will be handled by an ST-Mix to stop ground loops, match amp phase, etc.

I use a fairly simple board (by TGP standards), but if I had the ability to switch more stuff more easily, I'd probably grow the board a little bit, nothing crazy, though. Probably ~3-4 dirt pedals, a compressor, 3-4 delays, 3-4 modulation pedals, no more than 12-15 pedals total over my current 8-10 total pedals.

Any other recommendations on how best to switch in single-input, dual output effects from your chain? Should I just get a full-fledged switching system like a GigRig?


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