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Stereo UniVibe?


Just SAY NO to "Creamy" Distortion
Anybody ran/run/running a dual UniVibe Stereo rig?

I would think you could get some cool ping-pong stuff going with each set at different rate/depth?


Silver Supporting Member
I patch in different effect types in my rig all the time. I have not done so with a vibe. I used to own the Diamond Halo Chorus to run it stereo. It ran a chorus on one channel and a phaser on another. I also tried running this pedal with a phase 90 on the chorus side and a boss CE-5 on the phaser side. My thoughts...there is a point where things get too mushy and you lose any benefit. For some reason, keeping one side dry and one side wet has consistently sounded best to my ears in every modulation case, except delay. I'd love to hear other's opinions too...


It definitely is a stupid username
Silver Supporting Member
The Retroman Ubervibe will do this - it's a very cool sound. Unfortunately, in my situation I like univibe before dirt and running the vibe first in stereo made that more effort than I wanted to do.