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    Steve Flato is a San Diego-based musician working primarily in and exploring areas between composition and improvisation. Using live sound manipulation, broken electronics, just intonation guitar, and mangled samples, he transforms and rearranges his own sound and the sound of his collaborators in live settings and on record.


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    Flato is concerned with process and chance, and the line between synthetic and natural sounds. He is particularly interested in impurity -- taking processes and concepts and freely interchanging them without the process necessarily dictating form. His label, Abrash, is named after the impurities found in the accidental color bleeding that occurs in the process of creating rugs, noted by Morton Feldman.


    His compositions are often sourced from improvisations, improvisations sourced from compositions, and he utilizes recurring and intuitive processes to transform his material. In addition to Abrash, he has appeared on labels such as Copy For Your Records, Kendra Steiner Editions and Lengua de Lava. Past collaborative work includes Fyxzis (with Corey Larkin and Richard Kamerman) and Hwaet (with Vanessa Rossetto).


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