StewMac fret erasers


Ok, just got these and gave them a try. If you use 400 and 600 grit sandpaper first, they work great, otherwise, the 180 is not enough to take out leveling scratches from 400 grit sandpaper and rounding scratches from the 300 grit fret rounding diamond file.

They aren't as fast as using micromesh, but then again, you can spot sand with them and don't have to tape off the entire board. For single fret repairs, they have an advantage, I think....

Your mileage may vary....

John Coloccia

Cold Supporting Member
I suspect they came about from people like us using actual erasers for many many years with sandpaper wrapped around them. They look like useful little tools. Actually, they're not priced too badly.

I buy my sandpaper in bulk, and have a cutter here dedicated to nothing but cutting sandpaper. Sandpaper can get very expensive, though, if you're not using it in large quantities and ordering in large quantities. I personally use erasers and sandpaper (and lots of other things, including a good helping of micromesh) so I have no use for them, but for someone just starting out they look like a neat idea and a nice way to save a few bucks for the occasional fret dressing.

One thing I really like about StewMac is that they have a large variety of tools....some are really appropriate for the pro shop (and are priced as such, though they're typically worth every penny) and others are really targeted towards the DIY. They're a really outstanding resource for all of us.


After leveling and crowning I use a sanding stick with rather coarse sandpaper belt, then go the erasers and then a polishing wheel on a dremel, fine grit paste.

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