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Stick Fender Strat Deluxe neck


Hi guys
Got a Fender Strat Deluxe with a glossy neck (both back and fretboard) - maple fretboard. It's harder to play on. Did anyone notice this?

I can remove the gloss using 800 or 1000 grid on the back but what about the fretboard without touching the frets and making it look nice. I just want a nice matte feel so a silkier action and feel. Ideas?


I've done this with my 52 RI Tele. The fretboard is somewhat tedious but it really does require the same sanding as the back to get that feel. My luthier does it routinely but I elected to do it myself. I just used small pieces of 800 and stayed away from the frets as much as possible. Inevitably, some frets will get hit, especially the tightly spaced higher ones. So when finished, just steel wool the entire board, frets and all. This gives the maple an even sheen and polishes the frets at the same time. In fact, it'll probably leave the frets feeling better than the factory did.


If you just need to dull it a little, then you might try rubbing it with a piece of leather. I got some washcloth-size leather samples from a furniture store at some point, and I used the rough and smooth sides to rub down my CS 56 NOS Strat neck to reduce a bit of stickiness. I'm not sure whether it will work as well on a poly neck.


Silver Supporting Member
Take the neck off, cut the gloss front or back with 0000 grade steel wool. You can polish your frets while you are at it.


Silver Supporting Member
If your guitar is new the frets have finish on them as well - might as well clean it off while you're at it. Here's what I do - I take some fine paper say 800 grit either 3m gold, or wet dry. Then put a piece of painter's masking tape on the back. Then slice strips off and you won't whack your frets while you strop the board. After 800 you can go finer same technique till you are happy.

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