Sticky Fingers on Headphones... Oh Man!


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For my gym workout this morning, I chose the Rolling Stones. First, I listened to Stripped, but when it was over I switched to Sticky Fingers.

I was blown away - BLOWN AWAY - listening to "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" especially! From the fuzzed out guitar in the intro, to the chugging rhythm chords at the coda, to the hypnotic sax solo in the outro... it was a sonic feast! With the headphones, I was able to hear things I had never noticed before. I just can't believe what I've been missing all these years.


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Moonlight Mile may be their best song ever in my humble but correct opinion.
probably one of the best last tunes of an album of all time. today with most cds and mp3 players, you don't get that feeling of beginning, middle, end like you used to. I have all my music memorized in that after I hear a song, I expect to hear the following song on the album next. It isn't intentional, just a by-product of decades of listening to vinyl.


Fantastic album and agree with BluesForDan that Moonlight Mile is a great ending (love listening to albums from beginning to end, too).

Always loved this blurb in the liner notes:

A bit of advice from Jimmy M.: Maximum cycle characteristics and frequency response at high decibel level have been set according to standards suggested in the GUY STEVENS Producer Manual, chart R-357, in index, page 304. These recommended standards were compiled by the same authority having recently measured audible damage created by supersonic aircraft – if for any reason you do not agree with the standards, turn it up.


This is Mick Taylor's. Pull him out you have some great songs; put in his guitar work, its off the walls. By far the best guitarist that ever played in that group.

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