Still have trouble with Amplifire editor

MJ Slaughter

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Is anyone else having trouble with the editor even after installing the updates? If you have any ideas on what I might try to fix this please let me know. The Amplifire system is 1.06, firmware 1.2 and editor version 1.2.02, running on a Windows 7 PC.

When using the editor I still have random problems with a preset's amp set to none and occasionally the global settings main and aux output modes resetting to stereo and preset offset becoming unchecked. Both output modes should be mono and preset offset checked.

I don't know if this is an issue or not but occasionally when saving a preset the message disconnected displays in the upper left box that shows the progress/status of your action. When this happens the save process is shorter than normal so I save again, it goes through it's paces like normal and displays done when complete.

Exporting individual presets seem to work however when I go to import one it either hangs on Processing...(1 of 1) or displays disconnected.

Though I prefer using the editor I'm going to have to just make my edits without it for now.


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Yes, I've had these issues too. Just had a patch reset itself yesterday for the first time...but I wasn't running the editor. The "disconnected" thing happens almost every time I load a cab or save a patch and I have to repeat the process which always seems to work. I'm on a Mac running Yosemite. Haven't tried importing yet.

I haven't contacted them because I figured they'll fix it in the next update. It'll be nice when they get their forum up and running. :)
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I also have the issue when switching between patches in the editor the amp sets itself to "none". Its intermittent but happens enough to be annoying

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