Still Lovin the Kemper


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Second Kemper and I'm still lovin it. I've kept this one now for 8 months and I've really bonded with it. Shot my first Profile with a real mic tonight and it came out perfect (at least for me). Dialed in my amp with my guitar exactly how I wanted it to sound through the Altos and then ran the Profile.

If the Quad Cortex can Profile/Capture an amp anywhere near as well as the Kemper is doing it, then look out world. I don't think I'll ever sell this thing though (who hasn't said that before) because it just works and I really like the functionality *cough* LOCK button *cough* and work flow.

PM me if you want the Profile.
Mark V IIC+ mode, V shape EQ, SM57, V30 speaker. Dialed in with Seymor Duncan JB humbucker.



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I agree! I just made a couple direct profiles of my Mini Jubilee and it’s unbelievable how exact it is through my 412! Can’t tell them apart when I toggle back and forth. This is where the magic is!

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