Still no HD500 update?


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I've read a few weeks ago there is an update with a bass amp, etc. but where is it?



If he is looking for a HD500 update as posted he can find V1.40 there. But still no update for HD300/400. L6 says:

What's New?
  • Variable Input Impedance - This feature affects tone and feel because the guitar’s pickups are being “loaded” as they would be by an effect pedal or a tube amplifier. There are eight selectable options which can change the analog circuitry affecting the impedance of the Guitar Input. The options include seven discrete resistor values: 22k, 32k, 70k, 90k, 230k, 1M, 3.5M. There is also an Auto setting. When set to Auto the input impedance can automatically change depending on which amp or effect model is first in the signal chain of the current preset. Impedance settings are saved as part of each preset's input selection.
  • Preset or Global Input Selection – When set to Preset, recalling a preset automatically selects which of the device’s audio inputs are used as the “source” – sort of like a built-in, programmable patchbay. The saved input impedance value will also be recalled with each preset. When set to Global, the input selection and impedance value saved with each preset will be ignored as presets are recalled; allowing presets with a variety of saved input settings to be heard from a single source without having to manually reprogram each preset’s input settings one at a time.
  • Hard Gate – An advanced gate capable of extremely quick response. With controls for hold time, decay rate, and separate open/close thresholds, Hard Gate is ideal for any genre including Metal. It can even be abused to create erratic “sputter” and “splat” effects.
  • Enhanced MIDI Control – Offers control of POD HD500 and POD HD Pro from external standard MIDI controllers. A variety of functions including Footswitch 1-8, Tap Tempo, Tuner, Looper Controls, and Expression Pedals can all be accessed via MIDI. For more details please refer to the latest version of the Advanced User Guide.
  • New Presets – This firmware includes lots of new presets. Many of the pre-existing Set Lists have gotten new presets and reordered based on customer feedback. The “BASS/ACO/VOC” Set List includes presets which provide a starting point for bass, acoustic guitar, and vocal processing. The Set List titled “L6LINK <-> DT” provides a starting point for users connecting a POD HD500 to a DT Series amplifier. Note in this Set List presets 7A-D may not produce audio without a Variax connected and/or monitoring the FX Send output – these particular presets were created to illustrate just one of the approaches to getting amplified electric and direct (FOH) acoustic instruments from a single guitar and preset.

Bug Fixes
  • Global Tempo Sync – Setting Tempo Sync (Setup Page 6) to Global does not function properly - FIXED
  • Tuner Mute – When Tuner is set to mute sound is still audible from FX loop send and digital outputs - FIXED
  • Tap Tempo MIDI – Rapidly sending MIDI assigned to Tap FS may drop messages - FIXED
  • Delay Model Signal Boost – Many delay models provide undesirable volume boost when enabled - FIXED
  • FX Loop – In a mono configuration the FX loop does not sum left/right signal properly – FIXED
  • Frequency Shifter – Frequency Shifter model skips 1Hz setting - FIXED
  • Multi-Head Delay – Presets do not recall correct delay time when Time is set to note value - FIXED
Known Issues
  • POD HD500 Edit – The current version of POD HD500 Edit (v1.06) does not provide provisions to control Variable Input Impedance nor Global Input Selection parameters. These features are currently only accessible within the POD HD500 hardware GUI.
  • AC Frequency – When connected to a DT50 or DT25 amplifier, POD HD500 may have its AC Frequency parameter (Setup Page 2) automatically changed. Be sure to check this setting after turning on a connected DT series amplifier.
  • Set List Names – If during the update process new presets are optionally loaded to over-write the previous set, Set List names may not correlate to the new presets appropriately. This is because renaming Set Lists is not a part of the firmware update process. Set List names may be changed in the hardware using a variety of methods:
  • Manual - Set Lists may be renamed manually by simply highlighting a Set List name and pressing the Save button. Use the four encoders beneath the main display and press Save to complete.

    The presets in firmware v1.4.0 correlate to the following Set List names, as seen in the main display from left to right, top to bottom:

    L6LINK <-> DT
    USER 1
    USER 2
    USER 3
  • System Reset – Pressing (and holding down) the four-way navigation pad to the left while powering up will perform a Global Settings reset. This action will reset all settings to their factory default and requires a recalibration of the on-board expression pedal. Instructions for pedal calibration can be found here. Due to the pedal recalibration, it is generally recommended to update the Set List names using the manual method described above.


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You can get the latest firmware update V1.4 here:
You find this link on the new L6 website in the right upper corner <Support/Softwaredownloads>.
This is what we are waiting for

Coming soon! The free v2.0 firmware update dramatically expands the sonic palette of all POD® HD multi-effect processors, and enhances integration with the James Tyler® Variax® and DT25 or DT50 guitar amplifier dream rig.

For all POD HD multi-effects, the update includes two brand-new HD guitar models, the world’s first HD bass model (with eight incredible mic model choices!) and a new vintage-voiced mic preamp model:
“Flip Top” HD Bass Amp Model. Introducing the world’s very first HD bass amp model based on* the immortal Ampeg® B-15NF Portaflex®, one of the most popular studio bass amps of all time. The modeled cab features the original 15-inch speaker perfect for laying down some serious thump.

Eight New Mic Choices for the HD Bass Amp Model. Get your ideal bass tone from the new “Flip Top” HD bass model with eight mic choices based on*
Shure® SM57
Sennheiser® 421
AKG® D12
AKG® D112
EV® RE20
Shure® SM7B
Heil® PR40
Neumann® U47

“Plexi Lead NRM” and “Plexi Lead BRT” HD Guitar Amp Models. Stunning new HD guitar amp models based on* the Normal and Bright inputs of the legendary Marshall® “Plexi” 1959 Super Lead 100-watt head. Plug into the classic cascading crunch of this historic English head!

“Vintage” HD Mic Preamp Model. A vintage-voiced tube mic preamp based on* the Requisite® Y7. Place this model at any point in the signal chain to give incredible warmth to vocal sounds and guitar and bass tones. Its controls include:
HPF (High Pass Filter)
LPF (Low Pass Filter)
The update also includes a variety of new features and enhancements that make a POD HD500 or POD HD Pro, James Tyler Variax, and DT25 or DT50 guitar amplifier dream rig even more powerful and easy to use. The result is complete analog and digital reconfiguration of guitar models, effects, HD amplifier models and analog tube topology with the press of a single footswitch.
Variax Knobs as Controllers. Variax Tone and Volume knobs can act like expression pedals, controlling different aspects of your tone such as delay time, amp drive or anything else you want. Controllers are capable of driving up to 50+ POD HD parameters simultaneously, making it possible to morph between sounds with a single guitar knob.

Variax Toggle Switch Behavior (Local Control). To provide smooth, intuitive transitions between the modeled and magnetic pickups, you can choose whether the Volume, Tone and Pickup Selector switch will control both the model and magnetic pickups simultaneously, or lock the model and only affect the magnetic pickups. For example, when switching between acoustic and electric tones, you can lock the acoustic model controls so that tweaking knobs and switching pickups when playing the electric sound won’t affect the sound of the acoustic when you switch back.

Variax Control Mode (Global/Preset). Choose whether you want to assign Variax guitar models and Local Control settings globally, or on a per-preset basis. Alternately, you can get complete manual control by choosing not to control Variax settings with POD presets.

New Input Selections. The new input selections — “Variax” and “Variax Mags” — allow you to assign any configuration of magnetic pickups and Variax models per POD HD preset. The new “Variax” input selection also recalls whether you were using mags or models per preset, allowing you to pick up exactly where you left off – no need for manual selection or input changes.

POD HD/Variax Custom Tuning Creation. Now you can create custom Variax tunings for any or all of your POD HD presets. Save and recall them per preset — and get up to 512 unique custom guitar tunings with instant footswitch control.

Will Chen

Patience is a virtue, a watched pot never boils, all good things come to he who waits, etc...


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Aren't you guys happy with what the hd500 has already? Or do you always need the better and new? Good things come to those who wait....

no, actually having our cake and eating it too just won't do...

we want our cake, sure, but we want it fed to us with a solid gold fork by naked Victoria's Secret models whilst chillin' in a hot tub, and washing it down with Dom Perignon.


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As good as the HD is, they left out some amps that should have been in: 100w Marshall "Plexi" (soon to be available), Tweed Deluxe, and Boogie MkIIc+ come immediately to mind. A SLO100 would also be nice. So there is still room to improve.
I am enjoying my HD 500 a lot. I consider it a bonus that we are going to be getting a FREE update that will include some nice things! I'm just sayin


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I just REEEEEALLY hope the v2.0 paves the way for a global EQ. I need that on a near daily basis. The Plexi model will be nice.

Perhaps the delay is due to the squeal bug and the imperative to fix it. They can't let that one go.

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I just REEEEEALLY hope the v2.0 paves the way for a global EQ. I need that on a near daily basis. The Plexi model will be nice.

Perhaps the delay is due to the squeal bug and the imperative to fix it. They can't let that one go.

I dunno...not everybody who uses the HD500 uses the Edit program- and not everybody who uses the Edit program has experienced the bug. I would think that it would be a better service to release the update regardless of where they are with the edit fix.


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I think the big problem is that they have a notice up on the HD500's page about the 2.0 update bit it's not available for download....

:waiting :bonk

Well, they made a big announcement at NAMM, so they're not going to take it down, whether or not there's a delay. With the HD 500, from the time you hear about it till the time you see it, it's generally been about a month over the past year and a half it's been out.

And every update has been worth waiting for.


What ever happened to "patience is a virtue" They provided no hard/fast date... it'll come out when it comes out... "Chinese Democracy" ;-)


I said over three weeks ago, this is going to take weeks -to-months, insn't it? Confirmed.

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