Stockholm says hi:)


Hi all!

My name is Jon Bjork and have been playing guitar for 20+ years. Heard Yngwie within my first 6 months of playing and then it was all about guitar from there on out. Attended G.I.T 1995-1996 so if any of you were at the school at the time we might even have hung out:)

The last 8-9 years I've been heavily into orchestral composition and worked for a music library full time so the guitar took a back seat for a while. Been playing more and more lately and since I've been a long time lurker here anyway I thought it was time to join up.

I'll probably mostly hang out in the playing and technique section since I'm not really a gearhead (blasphemy!).

Anyway that's a little (or perhaps too much) about me, I hope to have some nice discussions with all of you going forward!

Best regards
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