Stomp Under Foot- Sonic Warfare, Skreddy - Echo

The Stomp Under Foot Sonic Warfare comes in at 1:54, and goes through the end of the song.

Other effects at play:
Skreddy Echo
Bogner Harlow (for Compression)
Boss RRV-10 half rack (plate reverb)
Stomp Under Foot Univox Squarewave
Mid Fi Demo Tape Fuzz (set clean for tightening)

guitar: Swamp Ash Warmoth Jazzmaster - Wilde L45 pickups
amp: S2Amps Pre2, set clean. Rivera TBR-3 power amp
cabs: Acoustic 2x12, Pacific 2x12
speakers: EV Force 12. EVM12L
mics: Shure SM7B, Placid Audio Copper Phone.

Plug ins: Tokyo Dawn compressor. Tokyo Dawn EQ. Valhalla Vintage Verb

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