Stomp Under Foot Tour Box 2


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Hey all,
I thought I would start a tour box with two of my newest pedals, the Halo Bender and the Hellephant.
You can get more info on them here:
Stomp Under Foot

If you are interested you can PM me for more info and to send me your:
  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. E-mail
  4. Phone Number
I hope to get this started next week.


PM Sent...thanks! :)

Just listened to the samples of your new pedals...they sound amazing! Can't wait to try them out!


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The Hellephant is a tweaked 2 tranny Si fuzz machine. This pedal has a nice dense sound, still articulate for a fuzz, and cuts thru like a champ. It's beyond a typical FF pedal. Has the fuzz inherently set near max, and knobs are vol and contour. It doesn't clean up like a FF, but a stock FF can't give this kind of searing wall of fuzz, and the contour knob can roll off highs just enough to match any guitar and amp combo.No muddy or woofy bottom, but just enough to give it a heaviness. Most FF pedals sound great maxed, but the bottom can get a little muddy or over emphasized. The hellephant is great for single note leads. Can get Pink Floyd style easy.

The Halo bender is an IC based pedal, more of a distortion bordering on fuzz. Very smooth, has Vol, gain and tone setup.It can go well with bright clean amps turned up. Doesn't have the teeth of the hellephant, but more of a smoothness, probably more versatile, but the one thing the hellephant does is going to please transistor fuzz addicts more.

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