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    I should start off by saying Matt at Stomp Under Foot went above and beyond the norm as far as communication/customer service goes.
    I sent him an email with a clip of a rough guitar track I had cut using Amplitube.
    I told him I wanted to match the basic vibe of the sound of the rough track.
    Not only did he get back to me within minutes via email, within a half hour we were having a phone conversation about my clip and what I wanted (and it was certainly after normal working hours).

    I told him I needed the pedal for a session I was doing and the pedal was on my doorstep within a couple days.

    The first thing I noticed about the pedal was the incredibly clean wiring job and the excellent overall build quality. Input/output jacks were solid and the foot switch was totally quiet.
    My next test was how it sounded in "bypass" mode....I don't care if it is buffered or not as long as my original signal sounds intact and I had no issues whatsoever..the bypassed signal sounded totally on to my ears. (I owned a '90s EH Russian Big Muff and the tone suck was so bad I had to get rid of it...useless live)

    As soon as I plugged the Violet Menace in I was impressed.
    The best way I can describe the sound is "Fat", "Warm" "Violin like with a bit of singe around the edges".

    If you give it a try you will see what I mean!

    All of the controls (volume, sustain, mids and tone) are very reactive and each control has a wide range of sounds. With my MJT Telecaster (Wollfetone pups, neck humbucker) I was able get completely different tones just by changing the pickup selector (very useful). Even with the volume and sustain cranked, the pedal did not mask of the different pickup positions, instead it embellished them in a very musical way.

    The volume control has a lot of gain on tap, but as with the other controls, you can get a huge range of tones just by changing it a small amount (also very useful).
    The mids control goes from Violet Ram's Head at about nine o'clock (which was my favorite setting) to an almost AM radio like quality above 3 o'clock. At noon you could easily cut through just about any mix.

    Within ten minutes (using the tele bridge pickup) I was able to dial in Gilmour's "Pulse" tone..........all of the singing, violin like sustain and warm harmonic overtones are there in abundance.
    Switching the pickup selector to the neck humbucker produced an even fatter, warm Claptonesque tone similar to "No Alibis".
    And, yes I could easily able to eclipse the sound I was trying to emulate in my demo track.

    In my musical career I have been lucky enough to use Neve consoles, Studer tape machines, original LA2A's, Pultecs etc. and this pedal has that same "X-Factor" that creates an end result greater than the sum of it's parts.

    The Violet Menace is a "classic" in it's own right in my humble opinion.
    Very inspiring pedal.

    (I do not work for SUF and am in no way affiliated)
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    Thank you for the kind words and I am happy that I was able to help.

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