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Storage Question for Non-Drummer


This may be a bit of an odd request, but I was hoping to get some guidance on storing drums for a reasonably long period of time. At the age of 55, my mother (who had wanted to learn to play the drums since she was a little girl) decided to buy a kit and begin taking lessons. Fast forward twenty years and my mom recently passed away. Because we shared a love of music, she left the kit to me. Although I don't play, they have tremendous sentimental value to me and someday, I'd like to have the option to learn or pass them down to one of my kids. Until then, I don't think I have a good option to store them.

I don't have any room in my house to either set them up or store them inside. I have concerns about storing them in the garage or attic because the extreme temperatures can't be good for them. And, given the expense of renting a climate controlled storage facility just to store some drums, I'd like to avoid that as well. I was hoping there was some alternative that I wasn't considering and figured this would be a good place for assistance. I'd appreciate any help you could lend.


sorry for your loss..
if you loosen the heads, and wrap the drums (separate) in plastic
bags (air tight) making sure the air is not moist.. you can store them
for years, inside drum bags.. then check the chrome on one drum, each
year for 'pitting' .. but if you 'seal' them, it should be fine..
extreme cold condenses moist inside the enclosed air, hence you should
wrap them in a 'dry' environment..


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If you don't have room to store them in your home and aren't willing to rent storage space, do what the above poster said. Or, store them at a trusted friend's house. If the drums are in quality drums bags, I think it's OK to store them in an attic or garage. Stack them up and cover them with a blanket in cold weather.


Thank you guys. I appreciate it.
If the drums are wraps (an oyster or sparkle finish, for instance), then I would not put them in the attic because the vinyl can warp in the heat. I find the garage is better because even though there are big temperature swings between the seasons it doesn't get as hot as the attic. That is where I put mine. I think the exception would be a metal snare which is probably robust enough to go in the attic.

Another thought is to take one of the heads off and stack them inside each other. This might allow you to minimize enough space to tuck them away in a closet, which is really the best option.

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